Hard Disk Data Forensics Product

Hard disk data forensics product is the industry's fastest and most technologically advanced hard disk replication equipment, with small size, high integration, stable performance, strong scalability and other characteristics.

The system adopts a variety of read-only interfaces based on the underlying hardware, which can effectively ensure that the data in various storage media will not be modified after access to the PC and during the analysis process.

The system is embedded with several functional modules, such as disk clone and copy, imaging and recovery, data shredding, hash verification and remote forensics. It is compact and lightweight, and integrates electronic evidence interfaces including disk, USB, memory card in a compact space, which is especially suitable for quick inspection and acquisition in on-site situation.

Hard Disk Data Forensics Product Features
  • High Speed Hard Disk Copy Equipment

    Humanized extraction, integration of all mobile phone extraction methods, and according to different brands and models automatically choose the best data extraction method. Physical extraction does not require imaging, provides a non-imaging physical extraction mechanism, saves a lot of time in data extraction and perfectly inherits the advantages of physical extraction.

  • Multifunctional Integrated Read Only Equipment

    Support more than 20 apps cloud data extraction, greatly improve the effective data acquisition rate; deep extraction of apps key data, obtaining location information, common contact information, address, longitude and latitude information for various apps.

  • RH-3300 Work Station

    Support core information extraction, multiple dimensional analysis, extraction and tagging of the detailed content of various social software to facilitate users to quickly find and locate information. Friendly multiple person and multiple device time-sequence behavior analysis, can effectively determine the behavior rules of single person or multiple people and the accompanying economic behavior, chat content, browsing history, offline occurrence,etc.

High Speed Hard Disk Replication Equipment
Integrated Read Only Equipment