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Rui-hai is the leader of forensics technology for mobile device's data recovery and analyse in China, with 5 offices in mainland China and a global network of distributor,we have sold tens of thousand of products all over the world. We have been working on mobile communication devices' data analyse since 1994 and now focus on the forensics of digital devices, such as mobile phone, SD/TF Card, computer, mailbox, cloud and etc.. With professional, reliable and creative innovation technology, we will provide technical support and solutions for law enforcement department to combat criminal activities, maintaining social stability and security. 

We product chip-off tools for mobile phones, chip level extract tools for SD/TF/U Disk/SSD,decipher tools for mobile phone's screen lock, website and server forensic tools, cloud data analyse tools and other software which can constitute a whole set digital forensic system.

The data can be extract and analysis include contact list, call history, SMS, audio, video, picture, social apps, mail box, maps and other application data. All products are used by Police, Law Enforcement, Military, Government Intelligence Agencies and Forensic Laboratories in China and other countries. 

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Our company is developing rapidly, we sincerely invite the people with dreams and passions like us to join us and create a better future.

Positions: C/C++ development engineer, C# development engineer, Android development engineer, Android system development engineer, reverse engineer, etc. Please submit your resume to: hr@rui-hai.com. We are looking forward to your joining and pursuing our dream together.