Construction Solution of Digital Forensics Laboratory

Digital forensics laboratory is a special area for electronic evidence extraction and fixation, devices pre-inspection, mobile phone inspection, monitoring video data inspection, data aggregation and utilization, evidence storage, inspection process supervision and file management.

Ruihai following industry standards, with advanced the idea and the latest technology to provide full range of digital forensics laboratory solutions, fully conform with inspection appraisal and real case operation, provides customized service for different laboratory construction demand, not only to assist the user for current laboratory construction, also provide laboratory development plan by stages, to satisfy the different needs of users.

The Principle of Digital Forensics Lab Construction
  • Emphasis on Systematic Construction

    The construction must meet each step of requirements of digital forensics, unified planning, unified standards, unified management. According to the functional requirements, each forensics node and equipment are organized into an effective system.

  • Highlight the Practicality of Construction

    The construction should meet the needs of scientific research and actual combat, focus on providing technical and service support for front-line actual combat departments, emphasize the practical application effect, and take whether the actual combat benefit is achieved as the criterion to measure the success of the construction.

  • Focus on the Advancement of Construction

    The construction should keep pace with the development of the advanced technology of digital forensics, meet the needs of the development of judicial activities for electronic data identification, and guarantee the long-term vitality of the system, so as to ensure the advancement, security and expansibility of the laboratory technology. At the same time with a forward-looking to maintaining the leading technology in the future.

  • Keep the Continuity of Construction

    Laboratory construction should insist to the idea of "rolling" construction. Deal with the continuity relationship between the construction development and the existing equipment. Using the existing equipment, so that it can complement functions with new advanced equipment, share data and maximize its working ability.

Function Features of Digital Forensics Laboratory Construction

Can analyze and generate report for original test device. which can be accessed and used at any terminal to improve the sharing rate of test device.

The electronic evidence data can extracted and fixed by taking photos, video recording, read-only, cloning, verification and other technologies.

Can analyze the electronic data such as contect list, call record, SMS, Apps and video image file stored or deleted in various devices.

Small, flexible, portable, can quickly start forensics work, with write protection, data fixation, data analysis, and data simulation functions.

Provide convenient browsing and printing of various formats of forensics reports, convenient data search and analysis functions.

Support independently handle case and rapid integrate data.

The Process of Digital Forensics Lab Construction
Reception Desk
Pre-inspection Area
Comprehensive Inspection and Identification Area
Meeting Area
Equipment Display Area
Data Recovery and Analysis Area
Device Storage Area
Document Printing and Binding Area