RH-6900 Mobile Phone Data Forensics Analysis System

RH-6900R is a set of mobile phone data comprehensive extraction and analysis system which can be applied to various brands of Android mobile phones, iOS mobile phones of various versions and models, and also supports various brands and China mobile phones. There are several functional modules in the system, including universal chip data physical extraction, EMMC data physical extraction, JTAG data physical extraction, China mobile phone image extraction, intelligent terminal data analysis, mobile phone SIM card/memory card data analysis, etc.

Product integration the ADB extraction methods, Recovery/BOOT extraction methods, Qualcomm 9008/9006 extraction methods, automatic definition detection, JTAG extraction method, ISP extraction method, the underlying chip data extraction method, can fully cope with all kinds of mobile phones and even physical damage can be extracted through the chip for mobile data and analysis. The system supports the extraction and analysis of more than 150 commonly used mobile phone apps, unlocking and analysis of image files, data collision and analysis of timeline search and relation graph, new optimization report, and a variety of commonly used tools. All functional modules support automatic upgrade.

Core Functions of RH-6900 Mobile Phone Data Forensics Analysis System

Support NAND FLASH, NOR FLASH, EMMC FLASH, EEPROM FLASH and other types of chips more than 8000.


Can solve broken, corroded, damaged and other extreme cases of mobile phone data extraction problem.


It can not only extract mobile phone data, but also effectively solve the recovery of mobile phone deleted data and mining more useful information.


Support image file analysis, including Android system and functional phones. Support Android system apps analyze: WeChat, QQ, contact list, browsing content, location information, transaction information and other apps nearly 200 kinds.


Products built-in: intelligent terminal data analysis, eMMC physical extraction, JTAG physical extraction, China mobile phone intelligent processing, universal chip physical extraction, mobile phone SIM card/memory card data analysis and other modules.


Powerful filter and export function, intelligent search, quickly locate the query content; simulation mode to recover the picture of mobile phone terminal; built-in player, easy to play video files.


New and optimized report function: including the fastest generation speed in the industry, support for online playback media files, simulation mode of browsing pages, faster and more intelligent search function.


Powerful data association function, data collision function, through the relationship graph can colliding data for number of mobile phone calls, location and other information, can find suspect and accomplices.


The timeline search method, with the time axis function, can conduct a comprehensive analysis of the suspect, through time clues, location information, call list analysis and other data, can determine the crime time, location, accomplices and other important information.


Professional technical service team, can provide 7days and 24 hours of telephone, network, on-site technical support of a full range of services.