RH-5901 Mobile Phone Data Forensics and Analysis Equipment

Rh-5901R is a comprehensive mobile data extraction and analysis system that can be applied to various brands of Android mobile phones, iOS mobile phones of various versions and models, various brands and China mobile phones, and EMMC physical extraction.The system has built-in China mobile phone image extraction module, EMMC data physical extraction mobule, intelligent terminal data analysis module, mobile phone SIM card/memory card data analysis and other functional modules.

The product integrates ADB extraction mode, Recovery/BOOT extraction mode, Qualcomm 9008/9006 extraction mode, ISP extraction mode, eMMC chip extraction mode and the automatic detection and definition function of China mobile phone.The system supports the extraction and analysis of more than 150 commonly used mobile phone apps, unlocking and analysis of image files, data collision and analysis of timeline and relationship diagrams, generation of forensics reports, and various practical tools. All functional modules support automatic upgrade.

The Core Function of RH-5901 Mobile Phone Data Extraction Analysis Equipment

Support MTK, Spreadtrum, MSTAR, COOLSAND, TI, PHILIPHS, SI4904X chip automatic detection definition functions.


Support iOS, Android, Symbian, BlackBerry and other smart phone operating systems.


Supports thousands of EMMC chip extraction functions in four current specifications.


Support android6.0/7.0/8.0 phones without Root logic extraction.


Support MTK/ Spreadtrum USB image extraction function.。


Can separately extract the phone memory card pictures, audio files, video files, text and other information.


Can separately extract SIM card's ICCID, IMSI, contacts, call records and other data.


Support QQ, WeChat voice and video file double-click playback function, simulation function, multimedia file playback function.


Support ADB extraction, Recovery/BOOT extraction, qualcomm 9008/9006 and other extraction methods.


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