--Support various mobile phone brand, include: Samsung、HUAWEI、OPPO、VIVO、MI、HTC、Le、GIONEE、MEITU、MEIZU、NOBIA、COOLPAD、LENOVO、ASUS、KONKA、 SMARTISAN、360.
--Support VIVO、OPPO all series unlock feature of application lock,support Android 6.0/7.0/8.0 and Android 8.1.
--Support all HUAWEI series unlock feature, ROOT authority acquire, image extraction. Include the latest model such as P20, Mate20, Honor10, Enjoy8 plus, P10.。
--Support VIVO unlock feature of pattern lock, fingerprint lock, facial recognition lock, password lock, application lock. The first system in forensics market that support X21 series, X20 series, X9 series.
--Support all OPPO series unlock feature of pattern lock, finger print lock, facial recognition lock, application lock. Support latest model such as R15, A3, A7x, R11.
--Support many MI phone unlock feature, include the latest model such as MI 6x, Red MI5, MI5s, MI3, Red MI 4A, Red MI Note 4x.
--Support one click function: one click unlock, one click imaging, one click re-lock,one click rescue, one click automatically recognize mobile phone information.

Core Functions of RH-5800 Mobile Phone Data Extract and Analysis System

Support various brand of mobile phone, such as: Samsung, HUAWEI, OPPO, VIVO, Mi, HTC, Le, GIONEE, MEITU, MEIZU, NOBIA, COOLPAD, Lenovo, ASUS, KONKA, Smartisan, 360, etc


Support VIVO, OPPO all series unlock application lock function, support Android 6.0/7.0/8.0, and higher version.


HUAWEI all series unlock solution, ROOT permission, image extraction function. Including newest mode such as P20, Mate10, Honor10, Imagine8Plus, P10, etc


VIVO Phone unlock the pattern lock, fingerprint lock, facial recognize lock, password, application lock, etc., support X21, X20, X9 series phone.


Support OPPO unlock, the mode including: R15, A3, A7x, R11 whole series pattern lock, fingerprint lock, facial recognize lock, and application lock.


Support Mi unlock, the mode including Mi6x, Red Mi 5, Mi5s, Mi3, Red Mi4A, Red Mi Note4A, etc.


Support one-click function, such as: one-click unlock, one-click image, one-click re-lock, one-click rescue, can automatically recognize the mobile phone information by one-click operation.


Support almost all Samsung series unlock: including re-lock, rescue, imaging function, etc., support the newest Samsung S9, S8, Note8.


Support Mi phone one-click input recovery file and get ROOT permission, all kinds locks decryption, backup whole image and individual DATA partition(solve FDE).


Support several method to extract image file, such as: Android system ADB mode image extraction, Qualcomm 9008/9006 mode image extraction, MTL/Spreadtrum Android system image extraction, Super ADB mode image extraction, Fastboot mode image extraction.