<p>Introduction: As we known, police officers in the public security system have to deal with a large number of complicated work every day, and a lot of multi-source information and data will be involved in the process.The traditional police work system with simple data recording and ordinary query function can no longer meet the requirements of modern, efficient and intelligent work.In order to improve the work efficiency of police officers, shorten the time of investigation and judgment, and provide all-round and three-dimensional technical support for the public security system, we developed this police cloud platform.</p><p>The platform provides intelligent import, data search, report analysis, call list analysis and permission management five data services.Import huge amounts of data through a cluster of servers for full integration of intelligent and distributed storage, in data search module through a precise search matching model to display the data, including the basic data (communication, personnel, property, etc.), forensics reports (case report), map (base station information), contact list, etc., and support the data correlation analysis, contrast collision, forming intuitive visual graph.The platform adopts u-key login mode, and the high-level administrator centrally manages user rights.</p>
Ruihai Blue Ocean Big Data Platform Functional Features
Functional features
  • Data Import

    Basic Data, Forensics Report, Phone Bill Report.

  • Forensic Reports

    Quick Reference, Data Mining, Word Frequency Statistics, Character Diagram, Joint Comparison.

  • Search Results

    Personnel, Communications, Assets, Track Forensics, Maps.

  • Call Center

    Detailed List Analysis, Frequency Analysis, New and Missing Number Analysis, Multi-phone List Analysis.

  • Character Relationships

    Analyze the character relationship spectrum by analyzing the content of SMS, call, and instant messaging app.

  • Forensics Center

    Support users to establish a "black language" library of slang, enhance the pertinence of reading and screening.

How To Work Efficiently
Work efficiently
Secure Login

Through u-key login, the administrator can independently configure the data upload permission and data query permission of the person in charge.

Log recording module comprehensive record, so that every user browsing can be well documented.

Intelligent Entry

Data from multiple sources will be structured and standardized through data preview and intelligent data annotation.

Intelligent reports analysis, access to phone calls, SMS, app virtual identity, chat records and other content.

Interconnection, forensic report automatically uploaded to the cluster, forming a perfect data accumulation.

Flexible Search

The search cluster composed of three servers can be expanded to thousands of servers as required and support PB level data processing.

Cluster multi-server cooperation to complete storage, calculation, search, provide efficient and stable search services.

Open API interface authorization, support cross-region and cross-system data search and sharing.

Support users to edit the "black hole" word bank which is fit for actual police combat, improve the pertinence of search and screening.

Deep Analysis

Analyze the virtual identity of the report, screen and check the previous case database, correlate and reverse check, and quickly locate suspect.

Deeply mining, collected the bank card number, address, license plate number and other information, and quickly complete the information of suspect.

Search, filter and sort the word frequency list to quickly locate suspicious words.

Get through the forensics end and case information base, compare in the cluster, quickly generate the comparison report, break through the traditional single report analysis, simplify the comparison process, and improve the accuracy and efficiency of research and judgment.